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481 - Hit Connection Limit

This error indicates that you are trying to use too many connections to our servers.

5 Euro Usenet allows a maximum of 20 connections with any of its plans. You can fix this by adjusting the number of connections in your Newsreader/Usenet download software.

931 or 950 - The connection attempt timed out + The connection host has failed to respond

A program on your device or network is blocking the connection to our servers.

Your firewall or router may be blocking your connection to 5 Euro Usenet servers. Disable the software temporarily and try connecting to the server again. If that doesn’t work, try contacting our support team.

430 - No Such Article

The item you wish to download is not available on the server. If you have a Standard subscription with 500 days of retention, you will not have access to files older than 500 days.

You can solve this issue by upgrading your account to the Maximum subscription plan with 2000 days of retention by placing an order on our website. The remaining days of your current subscription will be adjusted and included in your new plan.

Sometimes we have to remove certain files due to copyright claims, so you may be getting the 430 error message because of that as well.

502 - Authentication Failed

Error 502 does not occur on our servers. You are probably trying to connect to a wrong server.

481 - Authentication Failed

This error message indicates that the wrong username and/or password were used to try and login into our servers. Check whether you are using the correct login details to connect.

You can check your current password as well as set up a new password through your Account page on our website.

I got an error code, what should I do?

If you are getting an error message, you should let our support team know exactly what error code you are getting, and we can immediately help you solve the problem.

You can contact our support team via email or our contact form.

You can also attach a screenshot in your email with your message so we can get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do password protected downloads work?

Users can decide to set a password on a file they share through our servers. You can find the password on the information page of the item you wish to download.

How do I set the download speed?

If you are using the full 20 connections available with any of our plans, most software will download the content at full Internet speed. Depending on the Usenet download software you are using, you may have the option to set the download speed manually.

The download speed of our Usenet cannot exceed the speed of your Internet connection. WThis means that the downloads will be as fast as your Internet connection allows.

How can I search my preferred newsgroups?

The newsgroups you can search depends on what newsgroup program you are using. 5 Euro Usenet recommends using websites such as NZB server as it is very convenient and everything is sorted by category, just like Spotnet.

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